Air pollution

For my inquiry topic I did air pollution. Did you know that in 2015 Beijing had 15 million tonnes of coal, and the level of air pollution was compared to smoking 40 cigarettes a day. and there was an estimated 6.5 million deaths due to it.

I really enjoyed the inquiry topic, I’m glad I chose air pollution it’s really interesting and you don’t realize how much you learn.

Do know how to pronounce chlorofluorocarbons? Or which country is the most polluted, if you research air pollution?  You’ll find out.

Coach approach

Today we had coach approach we did some really fun stuff, the one’s that I liked the most were baseball And hip hop we danced to a song called humble by Kendrick Lama. One of the reasons I liked baseball was because Matt was my partner, our team came 2nd we got 1 point. Lots of people got a ball to the head, which is called a falcon. I got hit it was a handball to the face we were doing footy. We also did Lacrosse, teamwork and ultimate frisbee, the footy coach is Mr G’s son Matt he played for Collingwood. at the end they were handing out basketball tickets and down balls but I didn’t get one 😭

They gave us a link

Get rid of McDonald’s

I would like to get rid of McDonald’s because overeating fatty foods makes people overweight! If the council won’t let me get rid of  McDonald’s I will try to persuade you not to go there.

Imagine driving around in your car and seeing rubbish everywhere and sometimes finding half eaten hamburgers on the road, imagine driving home from a great day and seeing a giant M in front of your eyes and did you know the colours red and yellow make you hungry.

Imagine eating McDonald’s 30 days straight well I know someone who did even after ten days he was on the edge of dying he ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner, and if you haven’t seen the documentary well you should It will definitely change your mind, it is called Supersize Me.


CR Helen Radnedge

Helen Radnedge’s

Did you know there were Tasmanian devils living near your home long ago.
She said she spends less time with her kids than she did when she was at her old job.
She moved to Gisborne when she was 15 but she grew up in Keilor.
There are 3 wards eastward, westward and southward.
Helen gave us the number to call the wildlife if we see a dead animal.
Before she was a councilor she worked at the Gisborne hardware store but that has closed down now.
She has 3 kids they are 24, 27 and 30.


There are 9 councilors and nearly 400 people working there at the council. Some of the things they discuss are: wether they should build a footy oval how to protect the native animals and trees or they might need to build more houses who needs to look after the plants and the wildlife


Now I know if I see a dead animal on the road or in a park I know who to call, and I know more about the Macedon ranges shire council


The Magic Flute

On Wednesday we saw an opera in the gym It was called the Magic Flute it was about a man called Pamino and Papageno they had to go through a series of test’s including fire and water and had to stop the queen of the night from stealing the shield of the sun from sarastro  so pamino and papageno got given a magic flute and some magic bells and there are three doors at the temple they are wisdom, truth, and love.

My 3 way conference

Last night I had my 3 way conference with Mrs Walker. I thought it was ok but I could have done better. Mum, Dad and Mrs Walker gave me some good feedback like you did well explaining it and you had a well projected voice, you did well with your explorer presentation


The fresh Smell of rain as it drops down on my head.

I step onto the grass and feel the wetness on my feet

I feel a big gush of wind as the cars go past

leaves rustle above my head

trees sway as the wind blows them around

My pledge

My pledge,

I will not use plastic bags and will pick up rubbish where there is rubbish and if I see any sea creature struggling to get free I’ll get them back out into the water, if they have ropes around them I will untie it

Camp was awesome

Camp was super super super sssssuuuuppppeeeerrrrr AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I was so excited at camp we were flying, climbing, shooting with arrows, walking backwards on ropes so many things to do.

First we walked up to split point light house it was a fair way finally we got there but there was more to come not much though just 136 steps to until we get to the top! It was so hot on the way up but we finally got there it seemed to take forever it was a great view when you got there you felt like you were going to fall on every one, it was amazing!

After we walked down to the beach we  made a massive sand castle with a giant moat, Jimmy and his friends made a mountain and we connected the moat to theirs.  It would even make the king jealous we also went netting in the estuary we caught a flounder it’s a flat fish. We also caught some sprats

we got to camp about 3.30 pm when we got there we had a chat about the rules of camp then we sorted out the cabins I was really happy because I got Jake, Xavier and Matt but Matt had to go to another cabin, the first activity that we did was archery the bows weren’t the best but I persisted next we did low ropes  they were so hard you needed to walk backwards on 2 ropes by holding onto another rope. After that we did the flying fox it was really fun especially when you hit the tyres cause you went on an angle, then we did the  climbing wall I didn’t make it to the top cause it was tiring at dinner we had a BBQ it was scrumdidiliumshus. The next morning we  had cereal and toast it tasted good. For lunch we had rolls. We also went to the  discovery center my friend Matthew got to feed a globe fish he said it felt slimey

When we left it took for ages I thought I was going to grow a beard in that time we finally got back and got a nice welcome back from the parents.